Engage Stakeholders with Streamlined Equity Management

Easily manage stakeholder requirements & relationships on one platform

  • Ensure your share registry is accurate
  • Full visibility for your stakeholders to manage investments
  • Increase engagement with investors & staff
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Orchestra connects companies & stakeholders

Build better stakeholder relationships

We’re on a mission to better connect companies with their investors & key employees
Reasons to use Orchestra

Orchestra is designed for companies and entities who…

  • Have 5+ shareholders and want to meet share registry obligations with less administration

  • Are expecting to raise external capital soon, or have recently raised

  • Have ESOPs to manage or are looking to implement an ESOP

  • Have multiple company structures or entities to manage

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Features & Benefits

Orchestra helps you manage equity & engage stakeholders

Create a single source of truth

Your stakeholders can easily manage their investments in your business. They can access relevant information at the same time, and staff can view and understand their options and shares with the ESOP tool.

Increase stakeholder engagement

Communicate with investors and keep them up-to-date, build stakeholder relationships to assist for future capital raises, and enhance staff shareholder interactions & sense of ownership.

Gain peace of mind

Effortlessly meet your company and director obligations with secure storage of all company and shareholder documents, while files are always on-hand for stakeholders to access.

Ensure accuracy

All changes to share registries in Orchestra will update your details with the Companies Office / ASIC, ensuring that your records are accurate and compliant.

Our customers

Hundreds of companies & over 30,000 investors trust Orchestra

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Orchestra helps companies big and small – from growth companies who are raising capital, to businesses with a large number of stakeholders or entities to manage

If you need to manage equity and stakeholders, you’ll love Orchestra.

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It's time to ditch the spreadsheets!

Streamline your share registries, ESOPs & stakeholder management

Orchestra is the professional alternative to endless spreadsheets, unorganised emails and incorrectly filed documents. This cloud-based platform is accurate, up-to-date, secure, and designed to scale as your business grows.

"Orchestra is perfect for consolidating all our shareholder communications into ‘one source of truth’, and the team were fantastic to work with – both with the initial setup but also ongoing support."

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Aiden Bartlett
Co-founder of Designer Wardrobe

“Love the system, it's nice and simple to use and most importantly has the full Landlord Studio history. If you didn't onboard me, I probably wouldn't have bothered because of the mess I had!”

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Charles Chan
CEO / Founder of Landlord Studio
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Why change now?

  • To minimise hassle, we audit your data and manage the onboarding process, so it doesn’t matter about your share register's current state.

  • Our customers often tell us they wished they changed to Orchestra earlier as it makes ongoing maintenance “super easy” and gives their stakeholders on-demand access to the information they want.

  • Orchestra makes stakeholder communications easier to help you build investor relationships, so future capital raises are a much smoother process.

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Explore Orchestra in detail

See how Orchestra can change the way you manage equity for your business.

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