Secondary Share Trading

Introduce liquidity events for your stakeholders
Secondary share trading

Seamless secondary trading

Share Trading is a white-labelled platform that allows private companies to run trading events where investors can participate in buying and selling their shares, creating liquidity for your shareholders.*

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Secondary Share Trading features

Trading Events

Share trading events allow you to drive share trading activity into a specified timeframe, and to create activities to promote the event and concentrate trading volume.

Stay in control of your share price

Share Trading provides a number of pricing mechanisms.

  • Single market-clearing price events ensure all qualifying participants come in at the same price during a trading event. The buy and sell demand helps to determine this market-clearing price.
  • Marketing-clearing price with floor trading events share the same mechanism as above, except allows you to set the lowest price shareholders can sell their shares for.
  • Fixed price trading events allow shareholders to buy and sell shares at a pre-determined price.

Minimal administration

AML obligations, handling of funds, and the share transfer process are all completed by Snowball Effect, resulting in low administrative burden for you and your team.

"The professional Share Trading platform brought credibility to the whole trading process, and all the shareholders liked the transparency it gave to buying and selling shares."

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Preparing for a share trading event

Prepare a trading report

This includes the latest financials and any additional material information about the company that will inform investors when they place a buy or sell order- for example, customer milestones or current sales growth.

Update your cap table

Ensure that your share registry on Orchestra is accurate and up to date.

Promote the trading event

Market the trading event with your shareholder base and any relevant investment parties.

*secondary share trading is currently only available for private New Zealand companies, but please contact us if you are interested in trading events for your proprietary Australian company.

Secondary Share Trading

Find out how you can run secondary share trading events for your company.

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