Manage cooperative member information & relationships

Easily manage complex share registries & engage with your members
Orchestra for co-operatives


Orchestra's all-in-one equity management platform gives you the tools to manage member engagement effectively, while maintaining your share registry obligations.

For Cooperatives

Single source of truth

Your co-op share registry, share transactions, and other key legal documents are all securely stored in Orchestra. With the Document Vault members can easily access and view files and manage their stake in the co-operative.

Engage with members

Built-in communication tools help you to keep your members up-to-date and demonstrate transparency, while important files are always on-hand for them to access.

Manage complexity

Using the share registry tool you can manage complex share registers and multiple share classes with different restrictions or rights, and hold unique and searchable information against each member. Orchestra allows your members to securely update their contact information and your co-op remains compliant as any changes are updated with the Companies Office or ASIC.

Streamline payouts and reporting

Use the dividend module to streamline the calculation of dividend distributions and the creation of dividend reports. Dividends can be calculated based on share class and different parameters.

We have found Orchestra intuitive to use, and where we have needed to ask questions, we’ve received quick and helpful responses.
The initial transfer of our old spreadsheet-based share register into the Orchestra system was fast and painless.

- Walnuts NZ Co-operative

Orchestra for cooperatives

Orchestra is changing the way cooperatives handle their equity and stakeholder tasks. Rely on Orchestra to help you build better member relationships.

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