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Orchestra streamlines equity management so your clients can build better stakeholder relationships.
Orchestra overview

We make it easy for Lawyers, Accountants, Venture Capitalists, Fund Managers, Virtual CFOs & HR consultants to work with private companies on Orchestra.

Become an Orchestra partner and be a knowledge and advisory leader on share registries and stakeholder management.

The Orchestra Partner Programme

Orchestra serves as a client engagement tool that you use in conjunction with your client- it is not aiming to be a practice management tool for your firm, but for some clients there may be opportunities to manage their requirements directly in Orchestra.

Becoming an Orchestra partner is 100% free. As an Orchestra partner, you position yourself as a knowledge leader with your clients around share registries, ESOPs and stakeholder management.

If you are involved in managing specific tasks for your clients you will save time, but even if your clients complete most of the work on Orchestra you will benefit from being more closely connected to these activities.

Which clients suit Orchestra?

We recommend referring the following types of clients to Orchestra

Diverse share bases

They have 5+ shareholders already or are planning to raise capital.

Employee Share Schemes

They already have Employee Share Ownership Plans or would like to implement them.

Multiple companies or entities

They have multiple company structures or entities to manage.

Private company trading

They are interested in secondary share trading for their shareholders.

Partner tools and benefits

Client visibility – Orchestra partners receive a free account with access to a dashboard of all your referred clients. You can drill down to view your clients’ equity management details.

Priority support – You and your clients will receive personal contact and priority support from the Orchestra team. We manage all the client set-up and onboarding.

Client discounts – Refer your clients to Orchestra and they will receive a special discounted rate on their subscription. Interested in reselling Orchestra? Please contact us to discuss.

High-value activities – You will benefit from being across client capital raising, creating tailored ESOPs, and the high-value transactional activities that these events require.

Promotion of your firm – We will create opportunities to promote your brand and services to the many companies we work with that require the professional services you offer.

Part of a wider equity ecosystem

Orchestra is part of an ecosystem of equity management solutions that can be leveraged if your clients need to raise capital or conduct private trading events for their shareholders.

Partner Spotlight

Becoming a Partner

It’s easy to become an Orchestra Partner – just fill out the form below or contact us.

If you have any clients in mind who would be a good fit for Orchestra, simply let us know and we will set up a call. We then manage all the sign-up and onboarding processes with them – there’s nothing further you need to do!

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