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Online share registers

A company share register must be kept accurate and up to date because it is the official record of share ownership. With Orchestra you can easily manage your share register requirements to remain compliant.

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Orchestra Share Register Overview

Single source of truth

Your company share register, cap table, share transactions, and other key legal documents are all securely stored in Orchestra. You can easily maintain required information including the names and addresses of investors and other important company information and documents.

In-built compliance

Effortlessly meet your company and director regulatory obligations by using Orchestra as your share registry tool. Using our API, your share register updates in Orchestra flow through to the Companies Office / ASIC, so that you know your information is correct and compliant.

Preparation for sale or future capital raises

For capital raises or a company sale transaction, Orchestra will save you headaches as you will have an accurate share register and cap table with the ability to include contingent investments such as convertible notes. You can create funding rounds, issue shares to existing investors or create new stakeholders for share issues. Manage any share splits and creation of new share classes, along with any share transfers to keep your share register up to date.

Access controls

With Orchestra you can grant different levels of access to share register information with a Company view for administrators and an Investor view for those individuals, companies, and trusts who are shareholders or option holders in your company. You can also grant access to Service Providers such as your accountant or lawyer, so they can view or make any required updates to your share register.

Share, Communicate & Engage with Investors

With the Document Vault you can securely store company documents and choose which ones to share with which stakeholders. The built-in communication tools help you to keep investors up-to-date, and you can link relevant documents from your vault for stakeholders to access through the communications.

Share Register & Cap Table Reporting

In Orchestra you can filter and download your share register report, or get a full overview of your cap table by including current dilutions including vested options and shares held in trusts. Generate downloadable reports of all share transactions and run a continuity report to highlight the changes in shareholdings from year to year for your company.

Investor view

Stakeholders in your company can access their holdings, update their contact details, read documents shared with them and access their own Statement of Holding covering their shares and options. You can add custom fields for your stakeholders to update such as tax numbers or bank accounts.

"Orchestra made it easy to keep a record of all shareholder details, transactions, and records as we went through our capital raise."

Nathan Taylor
COO / Co-founder of Partly

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