Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

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Employee share schemes create a powerful arrangement between a company and its employees

Benefits of a well structured and administered ESOP:

  • An excellent way to attract and retain key talent
  • A way to substitute some cash salary costs in early-stage companies
  • Create a sense of ownership amongst key team members
  • Incentivise long term and strategic thinking
  • A tax and cashflow-efficient way to incentivise staff that may not otherwise be able to afford to buy equity

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Managing ESOPs in Orchestra

Features & benefits

Orchestra is a valued partner in establishing and administering your chosen ESOP. We make operating a successful plan easier with administration tools, and full visibility for participating employees.

Accurate record keeping

Cloud-based share registry simplifies compliance, record keeping and reporting for your ESOP. Orchestra's share registry tool also manages updates with the Companies Office or ASIC, creating a streamlined single source of truth.

Easy to create

Easily create vesting schedules and conditions which are straightforward for staff to understand. This is vital for employees to fully benefit from any ESOP scheme.

Increase Employee Engagement

Employees receive online accounts to view their portfolio at any time and access any of their documents. Forecasting graphs help them visualise future vesting and to actively engage with their ESOP.

Organised documents and information

Secure storage of documentation including Offer Letters for each participant.

Share trading events

With Orchestra you have access to run online secondary share trading events, allowing employees to periodically buy or sell their shares amongst fellow investors.

Diluted scenarios

Orchestra demonstrates the dilutionary effects of ESOPs and other share schemes on existing shareholders.

Support for ESOPs

Our ESOP Packages

Find out about the different ESOP packages that we offer to help you to manage your existing schemes or to design and implement a new ESOP plan.

"It takes a huge weight off my shoulders knowing that this important information is in one place, well managed and consistently communicated. SafeStack love the ESOP features as they make it easy for the team to understand their allocations and vested options."

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Laura Bell
Director of SafeStack

"Our equity, ESOP and investor communication is now streamlined in one place, where it can be easily managed as we fast-scale globally.

It's a game-changer and a time saver. Thanks for all your help getting us up and running!"

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Janine Manning
Director of Crimson Education

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