Effortless Shareholder Dividend Statements

Work smarter by automatically calculating and distributing dividend statements to your shareholders.
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Streamline your dividend process

Automate the calculation and distribution of dividends so that you can look polished, save time and ensure accurate calculations of every dividend.

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Benefits of automating dividends on Orchestra

Save on time and cost

Calculating dividends, and generating and sending statements is a manual and repetitive process that consumes valuable time and resources. Streamlining these tasks in Orchestra can reduce the time spent on highly administrative work.

Improve accuracy and compliance

Automating dividend calculations and statements using Orchestra eliminates the risk of human error and streamlines a repetitive task. You can stay on top of all necessary reporting requirements without interfering with your day-to-day.

Present polished statements

Boost the level of professionalism with shareholders by generating well-presented statements via a secure portal.

Access dividend statements anytime

Your shareholders can access their dividend statements anytime and anywhere directly within their Orchestra login. This will be handy when they need it for tax purposes.

Scale easily

As your company grows, your shareholders will likely grow with it. Orchestra can easily manage your growth without compromising efficiency.

"Orchestra's automated shareholder dividend statements are a huge time-saver. With this feature, it's simple to calculate and distribute individual dividend statements that can be sent to shareholders securely. Shareholders can then easily access these statements anytime on Orchestra's platform."

David Curtis, Director of Growth Capital
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See how it works

You can do this in four easy steps:

1. Calculate individual shareholder dividend amounts

Orchestra will automatically calculate your dividend distribution.

2. Review the distribution across all shareholders

Once you’ve completed the Dividend form, you can review your generated dividend distribution directly in Orchestra or by exporting your company statement.

3. Publish your dividends and notify shareholders

Once your dividend distribution is confirmed, you can publish dividend statements to all eligible shareholders where they can view and download their statements.

4. Produce company dividend statements with downloadable reports

Produce your company statement and complete compliance-related tasks such as filing dividend withholding tax to Inland Revenue.

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