Guide to Employee Share Ownership Plans

Streamline your Employee Share Ownership Plan

Our free ebook is designed to help you choose and run a successful Employee Share Ownership Plan within your New Zealand company.

Have an Australian company? Check out our ESOP ebook for Australian companies here.

ESOP ebook

Download the ESOP ebook here

Learn about the benefits of ESOPs, the main types of plans and their differences, and things you should know when setting up your ESOP.

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Employee Share Ownership Plan features

Benefits for companies and employees

Increase employee engagement – Employees receive online accounts and are empowered to view their portfolio at any time and access any of their documents.

Simple management tools – Our simple tools allow company administrators to convert options as they vest while tracking remaining outstanding options.

Single source of truth – The company dashboard allows for easy allocation of option parcels to employees and includes an easy way of recording key ESOP details.

Fully-diluted view – Have the ability to access a fully-diluted view within your primary share registry.

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