MyHR takes the hassle out of managing equity ownership

We recently caught up with Jason Ennor, CEO for MyHR, on their mission to help customers create stronger businesses through better people, and how they use Orchestra to manage their share register and ESOP scheme.


Could you tell us a bit about what MyHR does?

MyHR supports over 20,000 individual employment relationships in more than 1000 businesses across New Zealand and Australia, based on the idea that any company, big or small, should be able to get a complete, wraparound HR service.

Can you give us a brief history of MyHR?

MyHR was started in 2012 providing a hybrid HR service that gives clients a specialised digital platform fully supported by a team of HR experts. Our team of HR Business Partners and HR Advisors is one of the most experienced in Australasia, having worked in businesses big and small around the globe. That experience means we know the pain points and pitfalls. We know employment law and HR best practice inside out and can guide customers through any tricky issue or policy change as it happens, using plain language. We're here to help customers create stronger businesses through better people.

What issues did you face with managing your shareholder or ESOP information before moving to Orchestra?

Prior to Orchestra, managing our employee share scheme and cap table was either time consuming (if we tried to do it ourselves) or expensive (if we asked our lawyer to administer it). When doing the work ourselves we were always concerned that things might not be right. Orchestra helped us get everything organised and up to date. When changes are required it’s quick, easy, and transparent.

Orchestra is great example of a smart business using good tech to improve a traditional business process. We love it!

How did you find out about Orchestra and why did you choose Orchestra?

Through an introduction from Shane Bradley, one of Orchestra’s directors.

We needed something to manage our cap table efficiently. Orchestra is easy to understand, easy to implement and incredibly cost effective.

“When changes are required it’s quick, easy, and transparent– we love it!"


Any favourite Orchestra functions you like using?

Overall ease of use and visibility is the universal feedback from all users. As a business owner I like the pace and simplicity of making changes or updates.

Download our free Share Registry Compliance ebook

Share Registry ebook

Since you’ve gone live with Orchestra, how has it helped you and your business?

Orchestra has saved me time and hassle. It has tidied up our shareholder admin and linked the employee benefits much better. It makes us more professional and better from an overall governance perspective.

“It makes us more professional and better from an overall governance perspective.”


What's the next stage for your business?

We are expanding into Australia and Canada.

How do you see Orchestra being able to assist ongoing as you grow your business?

As we grow and involve our employees in the success of MyHR via employee share schemes, Orchestra will deliver real benefit for the management and visibility of these benefits. Future changes to our cap table will also require work that previously would have needed to go via our lawyer. With Orchestra we know it will be taken care of.

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