Build better stakeholder relationships

Present a professional view of your company to investors & engage with your shareholders
Reasons to use Orchestra

Streamline your equity management

Orchestra's equity management platform gives you the tools to engage investors and employees effectively, while maintaining your share registry obligations.

Easily manage your stakeholders

Single source of truth

Your company share registry, share transactions, and other key legal documents are all securely stored in Orchestra. With the Document Vault stakeholders can easily access and view files and manage their investments in your business.

Engage with stakeholders

Built-in communication tools help you to keep your investors up-to-date, while important files are always on-hand for all stakeholders to access. Give full ESOP visibility for participating employees and send them regular updates to encourage engagement with their ESOP.

Be Compliant

Orchestra allows your investors to securely update their contact information and your company and directors remain compliant as any changes using the share registry tool are updated with the Companies Office or ASIC.

Preparation for sale or future capital raises

For subsequent capital raises or a company sale transaction, Orchestra will keep your stakeholders engaged, and save you headaches by retrospectively building an accurate share registry history.

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What our customers say:

"Through using Orchestra it has taken the stress away from providing critical information to relevant parties."

Chris Bacon
CEO of Komodo

"We have found it really easy to use and a great way to share key information and updates with our wider shareholder community."

Sophie Cooper
Co-founder of Anihana
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